strangers and robots

$100.00 USD

A coffee table book by ando. 200 pages of stranger’s wisdom, robot’s reactions, and the beautiful moments in between. The product was lovingly made with paper from FSC-certified forests or recycled processes, on machines optimized for reduced energy consumption, and packaged in biodegradable shrink wrap.

10.3 x 7.2 x 1.0 inches. 1.7 pounds.

Shipping & Returns

If the content of the order is incorrect or arrives damaged, please notify us immediately and we will make it right. To simplify logistics, we are not creating a return program. If you are dissatisfied with your purchase, please contact us with an explanation. We will consider your case with care and under most circumstances, will issue a refund. We ask that you simply pass the book on to someone who may find value in it. All communication can be directed to

Accessibility Options and Value Share

I want this book to be accessible to everyone. If the $100 price tag is cost-prohibitive for you, email me at with a request for a free copy and a short note about why you are excited to read it. I’ve set aside several for this purpose.

The book itself was created in small runs by the skilled hands of artisans at the top of the bookmaking craft. It is more expensive than what you may find on a standard book carousel. But it will show in the quality and longevity.

I’ve also opened a value share program to compensate any contributors who would like to participate. Each contributor to this project has been contacted, to the best of my tracing ability, with an opportunity to provide input and to share in any value created from the work. This applies to both the source artists and the strangers who gifted their wisdom. Many remain who I could not track down or who have not replied to my outreach. The invitation remains open and is just an email away. It is probable that this project will not generate a profit, but if it does, it will be shared.

readers are digging it

"A fresh and fun take on life's oldest question. The combination of real voices and AI interpretations makes each page feel like a new discovery. It’s deeply reflective and visually stunning."


"A love letter to New York. Exactly what I needed."


"A stunning portrait of New York City that reveals what we can learn about humanity and ourselves when we let our guard down and give voice to the soul of a city. A timeless question with a timely lens."


"For those who’ve pondered or ponder still, the meaning of their lives, this book will be a comfort. There’s wisdom and humor to be mined in the author’s journey, as well as in the intimate inspiration shared by those he interviewed."


"Weaving through the lives of characters from all walks of life, the author captures the vibrancy of NYC and the complex interplay of technology and humanity. The exploration offers profound insights into the rich, varied experiences that form the heartbeat of the metropolis."


"There's magic inside this book. A collection of soulful stories & uniquely interpretive art that drops gems of wisdom in the moments you may need them most. This book will get a prime spot on my coffee table so I can come back to it again and again. "


"An intricate and visually captivating depiction of how people you will likely never meet answer a question you will never truly know the answer to. This book brings forth the value of perspective."